שיתופי פעולה בין יזמים פלסטינאים וישראלים בתחום ה-IT

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Creating New Business Opportunities & Partnership Opportunities for
Palestinian & Israeli High-Tech Entrepreneurs
in the fields of IT, Internet & Biotechnology

ISEMI College of Entrepreneurship & Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Tuesday - February 11th, 2014, Leonardo Plaza Hotel, Tel Aviv, 12:00 - 17:30


ISEMI College, in cooperation with the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce continues to promote Palestinian-Israeli cooperation through a get together of businessmen from both nations engaged in a variety of high-tech industry sectors.

At the seminar, entrepreneurs, investors and technologists from Israel and from the Palestinian Authority Territories will meet in order to promote cooperation and introduce new and exciting business opportunities.



12:00 - 12:30 - Gathering and registration

12:30-13:30 – Lunch and networking.

13:30-13:40 - Opening Remarks: "Israeli-Palestinian Economic Cooperation" 
Mr. Avi Nudelman,CEO, Israeli - Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

13:40-13:50 – Prof. Liora Katzenstein, ISEMI president: “Israeli-Palestinian Economic Cooperation as a leverage for peace

13:50-14:45 – The High-Tech industry in Palestine, examples of cooperation with the Israeli side:
- Mr. Tareq Maayah, CEO, Exalt Technologies.
- Mr. Murad Tahboub, CEO, Asal Technologies.

14:45-15:00 – Mercy Corps' ICT business development program and salary subsidy scheme- Tova Scherr, Program Officer.

15:00-15:30 – Q&A with the Palestinian Entrepreneurs.

15:30-16:00 – Coffee Break and Networking.

16:00-16:25 - Initiatives in High Technology 
Yadin Kaufman, Co-Managing Director, Veritas Venture Capital Fund, and Co-Founder of the Middle-East Venture Capital Fund (Being raised to make investments in Palestinian IT companies).

16:25-17:05 – Example for Israeli-Palestinian cooperation in High-Technology
- Gai Hetzroni, Cisco representative for joint Israeli-Palestinian projects, 
- Jonatan Levi, CEO, NUVOTON company, cooperating with ASAL.

17:05-17:35 – Q&A with the Israeli representatives.

17:35-17:50 – Concluding remarks from Israeli - Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry